CBM Continuous Business Monitoring

Take your users’ experience to maximum levels of satisfaction in your digital channels

With our CBM Synthetic Monitoring solution we automatically monitor, measure and report the availability, quality and speed of business flows in digital channels, becoming the ally that companies need, with CBM we contribute to prepare, anticipate and receive early alerts online to guarantee availability, avoid failures, protect workflows and, above all, we help them increase their conversion rates!

Increase your chances of customer satisfaction, business reputation and revenue

If you are a company with a digital presence, start monitoring your channels continuously and in real time now to promptly detect failures before they affect your users, managing to reduce complaints, losses and improving your reputation at the same time.

  • Check how your digital channels are performing at any time and from anywhere.
  • Be the first to know where and when there is a problem or failure to respond immediately.
  • Generates automated reports in the event of system disruptions or service outages.

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The user experience UX has acquired a central role in the digital world. A good UX not only makes it easier to navigate and use a platform, but also boosts conversion. A satisfied user is more likely to convert, and Continuous Business Monitoring CBM provides the tools necessary to understand and constantly improve UX, taking sales optimization to a new level.

  • Service scalability

    We help companies so that their customers can obtain the best user experience on their digital channels.

  • Alerts, functionality and performance alerts

    Our automated system allows robots to monitor and warn about errors in digital channels.

  • Data Driven decisions

    It allows all levels of the organization to know, through simple reports, the quality of the operations that support business events.

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We want your users to experience the quality service you promise them

Advantages of our service

  • Increase the feeling of satisfaction of your end users.
  • Anticipate errors, crashes and other unexpected situations in your digital channels.
  • Identify internal and external impacts of your service.
  • Collect relevant data about your business, according to your needs.
  • It has a 24/7 alert system, of the signs that you consider vital on your digital channels, sent through the communication channel of your preference (chat, email, SMS, among others).
  • Get reports when you need them, to share them with your business leaders.
  • It has capabilities leveraged in AI to find behavioral patterns and predict future failures.
  • Run in the cloud.
  • Our automated system allows our bots to monitor and warn about errors on websites, Web services, APIs.

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We monitor, measure and automatically report the availability, quality and speed of business flows in digital channels.

Revolutionize the UX in your digital channel

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