CBM Continuous Business Monitoring

We automatically monitor, measure and report the availability, quality and speed of business flows in digital channels.

Today we are very aware of the importance of software for the economy and applies to all sectors, that is why, q software is part of the operation and transformation plans of the vast majority of companies globally, however, they fail, and fail in real time causing with their mistakes multimillion-dollar losses.

According to the Consortium for Information & Software Quality (CISQ) the cost of operational software failures for North America was $1.56 trillion USD.

If you are a company with a digital presence, start monitoring your channels continuously and in real time to detect failures in a timely manner before they affect your users, reducing complaints, losses and improving your reputation at the same time.

Advantages of the solution


Under satisfactory and excellent time parameters.


No code injection required.


You can see the status of business flows in real time.


It can be run on Windows/Linux.


Run in the cloud.


Under ISO 27000 policies.

We automatically monitor, measure and report on the availability, quality and speed of business flows in digital channels.

With our Digital Channel Watch Service, we focus on helping businesses so their customers can get the best experience from their digital channels. Our automated system allows our bots to monitor and warn about errors in websites, mobile applications and Call Centers.

Key Data and Information

Have valuable information at different levels (connection, availability, integration) and easy to interpret to understand in real time what is the quality of the experience that customers are having through their digital channels.

Consultation 7 x 24 in Real Time

Consult at any time and from anywhere as is the behavior of your digital channels.

Key Data and Information

Be the first to know where and when there is an affectation or failure to respond immediately.

Key Data and Information

Have screenshots of the application (mobile or web) that is being monitored, which are sent by the robot as evidence of the detected affectation.

Features of the Service

Notification of failures.

By email, by Whatsapp.

Data storage

From 3 months to 1 year.

ANS – Actualización Robots

Between 3 and 7 days.

Analytics Dashboard


Monitoring robots

We build robots at full speed.

Metric intake points

(Metrics) .20 * hour * month * day * year

Monitoring frequency

From every 3 minutes.

The objective of all our TESTS is to validate that the software fulfills the required quality level to go into production.

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