Security Testing

Security testing, also known as penetration testing or ethical hacking, is intended to identify and fix security vulnerabilities in systems or applications.

Ethical Hacking

Ethical hacking is the practice of using hacking skills and technical knowledge legally and ethically to identify and fix vulnerabilities in computer systems. Ethical hacking professionals perform security testing, risk analysis, and system assessments to strengthen an organization’s security.

Its objective is to discover weaknesses before they are exploited by people with malicious intentions, thus contributing to improving computer security and protecting people’s data and privacy.


68 %

Of applications have a high or critical security problem


80 %

Of the attacks are directed at online applications


75 %

Of actual intrusions are due to software flaws


20 to 100

Sometimes it is less expensive to address application vulnerabilities during requirements analysis

The objective of Ethical Hacking is to discover security holes in computer systems, to help the company protect itself and find solutions, before they are exploited by Hackers!

What are Security Tests?

This type of testing reveals the most typical vulnerabilities in existing applications, with the purpose of preventing possible hackers from carrying out unauthorized operations on them, violating the privacy of the organization and compromising sensitive company information.

Likewise, the possible risks derived from the organization are analyzed, and options to mitigate them are also provided.

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Benefits of Security Testing

  • Certified personnel in practical offensive security (OSCP and CEH).

  • Personal classified in the top 10 hackers in Colombia.

  • Delivery of solutions on how to correct each finding.

  • Progress reports during project execution.

  • Detection of failures that create security risks.

  • Understanding the requirements of each solution.

  • Reduction of security incidents.

  • Improvement in quality and reduction in technology deployment time.

  • Profile of security requirements constantly updated.


  • Perform the technical diagnosis of vulnerabilities and propose solutions to prevent the inclusion of new vulnerabilities.
  • Articulate the prioritization of the solution to vulnerabilities found through their classification by criticality.
  • Contextualize the vulnerabilities found within the framework of the organization’s business.

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For each security finding:

  • Vulnerability.
  • Attack vector.
  • Assets affected.
  • CVSSv2 rating.
  • Business valuation.
  • Requirements not met.
  • Evidence.
  • Detailed solution.

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