SAP Business Assurance

We know that SAP is crucial for your business, which is why at GREENSQA we offer software testing and process automation services under SAP environments.

The Systems, Applications and Products management software, better known as SAP, is the leading ERP in the market. This constitutes an entire management ecosystem of a company in one place. Sales, marketing, accounting, human resources and other departments controlled under the same software, which means great advantages for the companies that use it.

That is why at GREENSQA we advise and support you in optimizing your testing process, your SAP applications from a risk-based and business-oriented perspective.

We provide a wide range of software testing and process automation, regardless of the SAP modules, versions or configurations that are implemented in your company.

Features of the SAP Business Assurance Service

Completeness in the Functions

Have you been implementing a new functionality for a long time and adapting SAP to suit your business? And it’s time to migrate to a new environment. Ensure that all the functionalities of your implementation are complete and work properly. We make sure that the changes do not affect your business processes.

Improve Performance

Performance Analysis in SAP environments is the measurement of the performance of an application, through the information collected during its execution. Its main objective is to identify bottlenecks and determine which components could be optimized in order to improve response times, memory consumption, processor load, among others.

Continuous Availability

SAP is crucial to your business, it is the core of your business and therefore it must work perfectly. When SAP goes down or slow, your production, billing or many other processes are seriously affected. Anticipate these problems and monitor your business processes 24/7 to detect failures in time that may affect your company’s business processes.

SAP Process Automation

We provide automation of tasks and repetitive procedures in SAP environments, using software “robots” to perform actions that a human user performs in a system to execute a specific business process without human intervention. It is used to perform mechanical, repetitive and tedious tasks that had previously been performed manually, can now be performed automatically

If you implemented SAP in your company, do you need to do integration tests with other systems? Do transactions take longer than expected? Do you perform monotonous, simple and/or repetitive tasks that could be automated? We have the solutions to these questions in your SAP environment.

SAP Business Assurance Service Benefits

  • Cost Savings

    Investing in SAP Business Assurance means improving the quality of your integrations and saving on fixing bugs found late in development.

  • Increase in Customer Satisfaction

    It positively impacts the business, since in many cases, the brand and prestige of the company can be affected due to a malfunction of its systems.

  • Total control

    Check at any time and from anywhere how your processes behave in a SAP environment.

  • Better performance

    Transactions will be executed at the expected times. We advise and support you in the optimization of your testing processes, covering SAP applications.

  • Risk Reduction

    Our SAP Business Assurance service will mean savings in time and money and a reduction in the potential risks of your business.

The objective of all our TESTS is to validate that the software meets the level of quality required to go into production.

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