We ensure that the benefits of technology are for everyone, that is why a new way of testing is listening to your real clients from various points of view, in addition to finding other variants that are not working well from a technical and process perspective. .

Bug hunting motivates our community to find those anomalies that should not be present in the software and that, despite having carried out a formal testing process, may be there, you just don’t know it, because no one has reported it to you. .

It allows developers and designers to get a clear idea of what the end-user experience is like, allowing them to make better decisions around design and functionality.

Experimentation and research of digital ecosystems with users

Types of Digital Solutions

Knowing this reality, at GreenSQA we have a software testing service for different types of digital solutions, such as:

Corporate web portals

Associated mobile applications

E-commerce portals

Why is this service important?

Protecting your brand, with validation from real users, is essential.

  • Identify opportunities for improvement in your digital applications, concepts or ideas.
  • Validate your product/service before launching.
  • Verify the usability of your products/services, guaranteeing a good functional experience.

We offer our capabilities, experience, knowledge and technologies developed over time at the disposal of your company, to accompany you in the quality assurance required in this digital era and in this way contribute to your business processes, impacting the growth and competitiveness of Her organization.

How do we do it?

We measure quality and impact: We validate ideas, prototypes, products and services to obtain insights that improve the quality and impact of your digital products.

Choose the scenario you want to test:

  • Concept validation
  • Visual design
  • User experiences
  • Web and digital platform
  • Beta testing

Our focus

It uses web, mobile, and cloud technologies to work on satisfying the needs of each client, and to do so, this solution includes services that adjust to what is required by each company, including they have:

Security Tests

From the source code to the deployed application. The objective is to discover security holes to help the company protect itself and find solutions, before they are exploited by hackers.

Technical debt control and source code quality

The objective is to detect and identify anomalies, including errors and deviations from standards and specifications.

Mobile App Compatibility

Ensure compatibility of mobile applications with all versions of operating systems, manufacturers and platforms. Its objective is to guarantee the transparency of the operation from the different mobile devices that must be considered in the development.

Performance testing

Performance testing at the same pace and behavior of end users, using real browsers. Its main objective is to identify bottlenecks and determine which components could be optimized in order to improve response times, processor load, among others.

Benefits of Crowdtesting

The advantages of Crowdtesting are the possibility for users to detect a large number of errors and these to be corrected before the software is released. It allows you to eliminate critical errors and reduces possible economic losses.

  • Opportunity

  • Agility

  • Code coverage

  • Business coverage

  • Return of investment

  • Precision

  • Reuse

The objective of all our TESTING is to validate that the software meets the quality level required to enter production.

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