Testing on Mobile Devices

We provides within its portfolio of solutions, “testing on mobile devices”, which responds to this growing market need

Mobile devices such as Smartphones and/or Tablets are now part of our daily life and more and more applications are being released or included in them.

Mobile tests are of great importance since each device has its own particularities, and even the result between the different models of a device can generate variation in an application.

The devices range from those using various operating systems such as Android, IOS, among others, to various sizes of display screens, operating modes, among other variables.

How to cover this wide range of possibilities and ensure that its application runs well on all devices and mobile models?

We help you validate that your application runs, works, and looks good on the vast majority of mobile devices

Characteristics of Mobile Testing

We run our Test Cases in an Automated way and on real devices, and NOT on emulators!


Tests on mobile devices are performed on a grid of real devices in which we can check in a real way (without emulators) that your applications work on the most common devices on the market.


The automated mobile testing process runs on the device grid allowing simultaneous scenario execution, thus reducing the test execution time.


Performance Testing to emulate multiple accesses and network conditions, in order to see how your Backend behaves, since mobile applications do not affect it like traditional applications.

Thanks to our AiMaps tool we can perform automations of functional and regression testing in the applications on different platforms, from a simple graphical environment that allows us to add stages and control actions on the application to be tested.

For this reason, a representative set of devices of the market must be selected and guarantee that ALL of them work correctly performing automated functional and compatibility tests, generating savings in time and effort in the permanent execution of the tests.

At GreenSQA we are ready to perform mobile testing, we know what the future holds.

Since the ideal of trying everything is meaningless and too expensive. We have the technology to cover a wide range of possibilities for your application to reach the whole world and the user’s experience be satisfactory.

Today there is a large number of mobile devices on the market (Galaxy, iPhone, iPad, Lumia, among others). These differ greatly from each other and the user’s experience can change radically from one to the other.

Some aspects may be:


    Size, pressure, quality, design (vertical or horizontal…)


    If this is capacitive, Cell phone, Tablet, Blackberry wheel, keyboard, pencil…


    The operating systems used for mobile phones, the main ones being Android and IOS. Followed by Symbian, Blackberry OS, and Windows Phone.

We provide within our portfolio of Mobile Testing solutions, which responds to this growing market need.

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