Software Testing

Our Non-Functional Testing services combine strategy, methodology, specialized design techniques and experience, to improve the quality and performance of our clients’ applications with a high return on investment and control over the effort.

The Non-Functional Software Tests include tests of: Performance, Load, Stress, Usability, Maintainability, Reliability or Portability , among other. Therefore they focus on software features that establish how the system works.

Benefits of Non-Functional Tests:

Among the main benefits of Non-Functional Tests are measuring, in order to improve the performance, response to load, usability, maintainability and portability of the applications. Therefore, they identify early potential failures or errors, whose correction at an advanced stage of the development process or while the system is in production, would be more costly in effort and money.

  • Perform important metrics to fine-tune your system

  • Determine bottlenecks such as database configuration

  • Helps determine whether a new version is ready for production or not

  • Lets you know actual performance compared to your expectations

The objective of all our TESTING is to validate that the software meets the quality level required to enter production.

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