Testing for Microservices

Microservices are an architectural approach to software development where the software is composed of small independent services that communicate through well-defined APIs.

The challenge currently faced by technology areas to respond faster and faster to business needs has triggered a series of changes. This includes one that is almost invisible to the human eye, but decisive when it comes to scaling efficiently: architecture based on Microservices, which is also characterized by its agility and flexibility, attributes that respond to the modern dynamics of businesses in any sector.

Although this type of architecture based on MicroServices provides great benefits, it also involves the implementation of cutting-edge technology practices such as continuous delivery (DevOps), automated infrastructure, testing and assurance of quality assurance, for which we have prepared ourselves at GreenSQA by defining strategies adjusted to this need.

Testing for MicroServices helps you release your application faster and more safely.

Beneficios de los Microservicios


Each Micro Service is an executable in itself and can be deployed without affecting the rest.


It improves the understanding of the applications, since the business logic is decoupled, as MicroService is in charge of a single functionality.


It facilitates the development of software in distributed work teams, as well as the possibility of expanding or reducing depending on the needs.


They allow each service to be scaled independently to adapt to specific or seasonal traffic peaks.

We can do it!

Characteristics of Microservices

  • They can be written in different programming languages.

  • Each micro service can be housed in a container.

    It is implemented as a virtualized operating system that contains everything needed to deploy the service.

  • Access to MicroServices

    Microservices can be accessed through a GATEWAY API component, which acts as a proxy, with authentication functions, caching, usage fee management, metrics generation, etc.

  • Each one has its own access to the database

  • Communication is usually done over HTTP protocol via API

  • Generic Function Management

    There are MicroServices that manage generic functions for the application, for example: database access, file uploads, log generation, etc.

  • Development Agility

    Microservices allow companies to develop and release new features faster.

We have complete and innovative solutions to test and ensure the quality of applications with MicroServices Architectures.

El Reto de Probar y Asegurar Aplicaciones con Arquitectura de Microservicios

Our challenge at GreenSQA has been to define a new strategy to test and ensure the quality of applications with microservices architecture, which beyond testing each MicroService individually, allows us to test their integration and, most importantly, test and guarantee the consistency of the data.

Our approach allows verifying information at all communication points, as well as the functionality of all MicroServices.

We have the knowledge, the tools and an agile and guaranteed process to test MicroServices

An example of our experience was the project recently developed with one of the most renowned aviation companies in Latin America, Avianca. Which consisted of the implementation of theCRM-Dynamics system as a technological platform to support the relationship processes with its clients, whose integration was implemented using MicroServices architecture.

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