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In our QA Testing Factory we guarantee the quality of your software project or product, by executing different types of tests.








Developing and maintaining various applications is a challenge for any work team; achieving it is the result of using best practices, tools that facilitate and speed up times, in addition to maintaining constant monitoring in QA and production environments. Provide data and indicators that evaluate the development of projects.

With our QA Factory service you will be able to carry out software quality controls during the development process or in specific testing activities in the verification stages.

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Benefits of our service:

  • The combination of techniques, tools and specialized personnel identifies defects more effectively, increases confidence and reduces the impact on the business.
  • It allows our clients to have quick certification and quality solutions without the need to form a specialized team or mobilize the necessary methodologies/tools.
  • We have the ability to create multiple instances of a software product line (a set of applications that share features and architecture) facilitating consistency. This simplifies governance and reduces maintenance and training costs.
  • It allows the QA team to enter from early stages of the project to acquire knowledge of the planned objectives and include quality practices that minimize errors before the release of the product.
  • We reuse automation scenarios in regression testing, the systematization of test execution and defect management reduces the delivery time of working software and brings it closer to continuous integration and delivery.

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Why choose us?


We create our own tools, in addition to having the best alternatives and practices on the market that guarantee compliance with the business objectives set and a memorable user experience.

Specialized Knowledge

We have a high-performance team and technological and methodological accelerators that focus on obtaining early victories.

Industry knowledge

We have more than 20 years of experience in different industry sectors, which has positioned us as a strategic ally at a national and international level. During this time we have capitalized on knowledge that has led us to be experts in identifying the real needs of our clients.

Agility in response times

We have baselines of knowledge that minimize delivery times. Ensuring the delivery of a quality software product, implementing international best practices, reducing delivery times and increasing the trust of your users.

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