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Its objective is the selection and assignment of quality professionals (QA) to carry out functional tests that focus on the functionality of the software, ensuring that it meets specifications and functions correctly.


This profile considers multiple dimensions of quality, which include experience in functional and non-functional testing such as: performance, security, usability, compatibility, among other aspects.


Their focus is to manage and coordinate all quality assurance activities, regardless of whether they are functional or end-to-end testing.

Benefits of our service:

In this modality, our approach focuses on providing personnel with the appropriate profiles to join work teams.

• Profesionales orientados al logro de los objetivos de negocio.
• Perfiles QA expertos y en continuo aprendizaje
• Aumenta la productividad y mejora en los tiempos de los proyectos
• Libera tiempo y espacio del equipo para enfocarse en tareas más estratégicas
• Quick reboot: 10 días para la incorporación en promedio.
• Cumplimiento de tiempos pactados.

Our QAs handle the most important test management tools on the market:


Main values of our Staffing profiles:

Guarantee the quality of your software project with us

Functional QA

Functional QA professionals work to identify errors, defects, or deviations in software behavior relative to what was expected and help ensure that the final product is functionally sound and meets the expectations of the customer or end user.

Functional QA includes aspects such as:

  • Requirements and Specifications

    Software features are compared to client or project requirements and specifications. Ensures that the software conforms to what was initially agreed..

  • Use Cases and Scenarios

    Test scenarios are performed that represent real-world situations in which users will interact with the software.

  • User Validation

    In some cases, Functional QA also involves validation by real users or external testers.

Functional QA focuses on evaluating and ensuring that a product fulfills its specified functions and characteristics correctly and in accordance with previously defined requirements.

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Comprehensive QA

It seeks to ensure quality in multiple dimensions, addressing a variety of aspects that are critical to delivering a successful product or project. This approach seeks to ensure that not only functionality, but also performance, security, usability and other relevant aspects meet established standards and expectations.

Comprehensive QA includes aspects such as:


    Ensures that the software meets its expected functions and features.


    Check that the different modules or components of the software are integrated properly.


    Evaluates software performance in terms of speed, load capacity, and scalability.


    Evalúa la facilidad de uso y la experiencia del usuario del software.


    Verifica que el software sea compatible con diferentes sistemas operativos, navegadores y dispositivos.

Comprehensive QA seeks to ensure quality in multiple dimensions, addressing a variety of aspects that are critical to delivering a successful product or project.


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QA Management

Manages and controls Quality Assurance activities in a project, process or product.

QA is a set of activities and practices designed to ensure that a product or service meets quality standards and meets customer needs and expectations.


QA Management Includes aspects such as:

  • Planificación de QA

    Defines the strategies, processes and quality standards that will be followed in the project. This may include developing test plans, identifying quality metrics, and defining procedures to follow.

  • Process control

    Continuously monitors activities to ensure that established quality standards and processes are being followed. Track key performance indicators to evaluate progress.

  • Continuous Improvement

    Identify areas for improvement in quality processes and standards, and implement changes to optimize quality

QA Management is essential in a variety of industries, but is especially critical in software development, where it seeks to ensure that products are reliable, secure, and meet customer requirements.

QA Management involves planning, organizing, monitoring and controlling all quality-related activities in a project.

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