QA Training and Consulting

We are a company with more than 20 years in the sector, with comprehensive knowledge of the different industries in the market. Thanks to this knowledge we can offer our clients cutting-edge strategies and personalized solutions, based on a culture of quality, results and rigor.

QA Training

We form teams tailored to the latest techniques, methodologies and solutions in Testing engineering and software quality.

Our learning process trains ICT professionals in the skills and knowledge necessary to perform high-quality software testing.

We are Certified in various standards:

QA training can cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Software Testing Fundamentals: This topic covers the basics of software testing, such as types of testing, testing techniques, testing and testing processes.
  • Manual Testing: This topic covers the techniques and tools for performing software testing manually.
  • Automated Testing: This topic covers the techniques and tools for performing software testing in an automated manner.
  • Test Methodologies: This topic covers methodologies and frameworks for planning and executing software tests.
  • Test Tools: This topic covers the tools and software available to support software testing.

If you are interested in software testing, QA Training is an important step to success.

QA Consulting

With our consulting service we provide our clients with an assessment of the current state of their QA and testing governance, using international good practices, methodologies and standards within the sector as a baseline.

We work together with our client’s team to obtain the information necessary to analyze their QA practices and deliver a comprehensive report that adds value and impacts the fulfillment of organizational achievements.

Under this premise, our expert consultants analyze, design, develop and deliver a personalized service management learning solution that impacts the achievement of business objectives.

This service is ideal for clients who want to improve their QA governance, solve problems with the quality of their products and need to mature and advance in testing.

Having a correct consultancy goes beyond a service, it achieves

  • 50% time reduction in release validation
  • 15% reduction in time-to-market
  • 90% Prevention of high severity defects
  • 30% reduction in total testing costs

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