Software Functional Testing

Our Functional Testing services combine strategy, methodology, and specialized design techniques, to improve the quality and performance of your applications with ahigh return on investment.

Functional Software Testing allows companies to determine if they have built the desired software and if it is appropriate to release the tested version to the market.

With this type of test we establish “what the system does and if it does it well, as expected”.

In agreement with the client, the list of functionalities to be tested is identified and prioritized considering its complexity and criticality. Subsequently, the scope of these tests is defined, planning and defining the strategy to follow.

We have our own methodology that uses specialized techniques to develop reusable test requirements designs, which allow us to verify whether it satisfies the needs of users and their behavior in the face of unexpected inputs. . They are done through the experimental operation of the product and includes tests of the exception paths.

Functional Tests are important for the development of the project since they cover the requirements and requests of the users, through which it is determined whether what is being built meets the acceptance levels expected by the client.


Among the main benefits of Functional Tests is the mitigation of the risk of failures appearing in production, the fulfillment of project objectives in terms of quality and compliance with the expected results.


    Investing in Functional Testing means improving the quality of the product and saving on solving errors found in a late phase in development.


    The non-conformities found and resulting during the Functional Testing phase will mean savings in time and money and a reduction in risks.


    It positively impacts the business, since in many cases, the company’s brand and prestige can be affected due to a malfunction of its systems. Which can be avoided with early detection during the Functional Tests.


    Providing a mature application, errors that occur in the marketing or putting into production of a system damage the image of the product in front of the user, even for future developments.

The objective of all our TESTING is to validate that the software meets the quality level required to enter production.

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