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Carvajal – Servinte needed the Clinical Suite Enterprise to maintain or improve its performance in the new operating system, which implied a great challenge.

Servinte is a Solution designed for medical institutions and developed in compliance with Colombian regulations, which allows integrating the clinical, administrative, financial and accounting management of an institution and it is in which GREENSQA has put its knowledge and capacity for innovation.

Carvajal is a multilatina company, formed in the year 1904 in the city of Santiago de Cali, Colombia. An organization that has evolved and transformed over time, committing itself to the results and quality of its different products, services and solutions, has approximately 19,000 thousand employees in 14 countries in America, including Mexico, Guatemala, Panama. , Dominican Republic, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru and Argentina Within the business sectors is the Carvajal Technology and Services unit that serves the Health sector, which has an integrated offer of technological solutions, which offers structural transformation of the financial and assistance processes of health institutions.

Carvajal – Servinte needed the Clinical Suite Enterprise to maintain or improve its performance in the new operating system, which implied a great challenge

Our client Carvajal – Servinte, in order to offer a better security, storage and administration experience to its collaborators, began the process of transforming its systems infrastructure, since they were carrying out their operational tasks in the Windows Server 2008 operating system and had to make a change from operating system to Windows Server 2012, a change that allowed them to overcome several years of technological difference. That is why it was necessary to verify and evaluate that the performance of the client’s main application was not affected: Servinte Clinical Suite Enterprise, in the new version of the operating system.

Carvajal – Servinte needed the “Clínical Suite Enterprise” to maintain or improve its performance in the new operating system, which implied a great challenge, and was to identify the most appropriate configuration and tuning at the level of the operating system and components of the Servinte product, with the in order to identify with a degree of precision the necessary infrastructure that its clients should provision for its execution.

There are multiple tools or models to perform non-functional tests on web environments, Web Services or on components such as Microservices that operate by overloading the sending and receiving of web information, but for desktop applications deployed in monolithic environments there are generally limitations in both tools and In the method, therefore, carrying out the client’s request to carry out the tests simulating 30 people simultaneously entering the server and using the Servinte Clinical Suite Enterprise application was challenging, it implied proposing a different and innovative solution to respond to this need, which led to: simulating several test agents that allowed the execution of the test scenarios designed, and verifying how the application behaved with the different users of the operating system.

A test architecture was built based on the requirements.

An evaluation and analysis of the problem was carried out.

The test plan was carried out.

Two test scenarios were implemented, one for concurrency and the other for load.


A test architecture was built for our client Carvajal , based on the performance requirements and the three functionalities suggested for this test process, then an evaluation and analysis of the problem was carried out using the test methodology non-functional and test automation methodology. By understanding and understanding the application of the Carvajal client, the test plan that contemplated the three functionalities of the scope was carried out and the necessary resources were estimated to carry out this project, including the test management and the execution strategy. They implemented two test scenarios, one for concurrency and the other for load, in order to guarantee the fulfillment of the customer’s need, to verify and evaluate the performance of the new operating system.

GREENSQA after investigating and analyzing the tools necessary to carry out the two tests, he came up with the solution of combining the different Test concepts, using the Jmeter tools, which is used for non-testing. functional and Coded UI Test, which is used to automate tests on the graphical interface.

However, the challenge lies in how to run from Jmeter the robots that control the application that will take control over the execution of the three functionalities?

Based on the investigation, it was decided that Jmeter should integrate the entire test scenario so that it could locally control the test agents that were deployed in each remote desktop session; When achieving this, the data that Jmeter produced was automatically obtained and that allowed us to analyze the results at the application performance level.

Performance tests allow us to measure variables from two points of view: those of performance that are those that allow evaluating the response times that applications really have and the others that are of consumption of physical resources that allow evaluating the behavior of servers. When executing the robots we could measure the use of the physical resources of the server but we needed something that would allow us to measure the times of the application for this we use the Jmeter OS Process Sampler plugin to be able to execute the robots that manipulate the application that we want to test and thus capture and plot your performance metrics. With the use of the plugin it was no longer necessary to manually run the robots in each application section.

At GREENSQA we help our client Carvajal to understand the physical mode of operation of his software, with a method that quickly allows emulating and evaluating the quality and performance of his application in order to know the size of the infrastructure that You must size for new Servinte Clinical Suite Enterprise installations, anticipating the risk of incurring performance failures and possible drops in production service.

With a testing strategy that articulates the worlds of automation and performance, GREENSQA took fundamental work methodologies and blended them to allow expanding the coverage of a new reliable, flexible and agile service.

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