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Bizagi is a leading software company with a Business Process Management (BMP) solution that operates on more than 350 clients worldwide in all sectors of the market.

Bizagi is recognized by Red Herring among its Top 100 Award Winners, a prestigious list honoring the most disruptive and innovative software business in Europe. They currently has over 350 customers worldwide across all market sectors. Bizagi works hard to get naturally to all corners of the world with its Business Process Management (BPM) solution, for which has decided to include support for eleven global languages. This requires to performing a critical, exhaustive, and repetitive test process. However when a regression test is repetitive, human beings tends to commit errors and compromise software quality, so Bizagi decided call us to solve this problem.

GREENSQA developed an innovative solution that allows to execute more than a million of tests and automated for months unlike the small quantities that were done manually in the same amount of time. We generated an estimated ROI of more than 100% in test productivity, releasing the complex and exhaustive workload that the staff had in the installation and modeling of manual tests.

We at GREENSQA developed an innovative solution based on Visual Studio Team Foundation Server that allows Bizagi run more than one million tests and automated per month as opposed to small amount that was done manually in the same time. Today, with the solution provided by GREENSQA, Bizagi enable of perform multiple automated executions on two continuous integration laboratories, which generate a generous ROI estimated in more than 100% productivity in testing, releasing the complex and exhaustive workload of its staff in installation and modeling manual testing, who now use the time to attend other test cases reported by end

Customer Situation

Our customer did not have enough time to spend by assigning current engineers the labor for performing an exhaustive, critical and repetitive test process. When a regression test is repetitive human beings tends to commit errors and compromise software quality, so this problem needs to be solved. How to continuously execute Bizagi Studio end to end test without impacting time tester’s resources, and ensure multiple languages Bizagi Functionality?, in addition some challenges were present before GREENSQA Solution:

  • Internationalization

    How to ensure that quarterly release versions work under languages Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, Spanish, French, Korean, Dutch and Portuguese?

  • Platform

    Test their Bizagi Studio solution using .Net and Java web running platforms, and using any data base: SQL Server Express, SQL Server Remote, and Oracle Remote.

  • Hardware Equipment

    They would need to buy many physical computers and hire more tests engineers to achieve this goal.

  • Bug Trace

    When human testers find bugs, usually do not have automated evidences, additionally, when developer’s wants to reproduce complex errors do not have a controlled environment so, they access tester environment which in many cases has changed causing loss of times.

Now all challenges and bottlenecks are part of the past, because in just a development week multi­languages tests were implemented, demonstrating versatility and ease of use of Microsoft tools.

Unattended tests runs every days over laboratories many Windows editions and platforms, work capacity of test engineers was incremented in 100% and 66% of Installer test bugs were trapped by TFS automation, also 30% of Integration bugs. Developers can access frozen environments and see trace logs and video recordings to quickly correct bugs. Testers have now 37% of their installer suite automated and keep wronging while GREENSQA provides more solutions.

Finally about 80.000 USD/Year are saved and more than a million of tests cases and verifications are running per month.

Solution and Services that were provided

To streamline mission­ critical tests processes by providing additional 19.250 monthly tests hours. GREENSQA S.A. Microsoft Gold Partner, implemented system automated tests in 35 virtualized environment scenarios running over 26 Windows Distributions controlled by different TFS build definitions executing tests who quickly detect critical core business process bugs. TFS technologies and .Net Framework are the magic behind the scenes allowing us to continuously run end to end BPM automated tests verifications.

Continuous integration is the first step on this process, all nights Bizagi Studio source code is built and two enterprise installers are created for x86 and x64 platforms delivered on a drop location, then Deploy Tests Workflow is executed for each environment. To speed up process, two or three concurrent tests environments are initiated at once, after that Build Agent injects tests code which install Bizagi suite and create BPM project, model BPM processes (paint BPMN workflows shapes over canvas activities are included), create entities, design forms, publish Java platforms (if applicable), execute web workflows etc. all that process is repeated many times in all 35 virtualized environments or concurrency groups of environments parametrized.

Thus developers can easily detect the root cause of bugs because on fail events they can access frozen environments and take context data (Videos, Pictures, execution logs) to reproduce errors, in a fast way they can solve them and finally save money, shorter time to market and deliver continuous business value, GREENSQA expertise is correctly driving Microsoft ALM Technologies to give Bizagi Studio Developer Center trust and reliability over the quality of their release management and release process. Tests robots ensure that core BPM Bizagi Studio Application are always working correctly in the latest version and in the upgrade from previous versions.

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