Appcenter for Mobile Testing

For developing mobile applications, we can find huge variety of environment and frameworks; while we are developing, some questions could arise, ¿Could it run on old-version devices? ¿It is compatible with current market devices? ¿How can we test all functions with several devices and versions? ¿Might It delay the release? We might be imagining a lot of issues if we don’t test our application in the right way.

A good solution that we have been working on is Appcenter. With Appcenter we can test an application and customize a workspace; we can adjunct the compiled test and select if you like to execute it on multiple devices and versions. We could evaluate each scenario in terms of performance, resource costs, and execution.  It is possible to write the test-cases in .NET code. Then we select and follow a step by step for our test-cases including the list of devices; It runs the test and shows the results. A big upside of Appcenter is that the tests are executed in a network of Non-Emulated Devices so we could have better results.

All days we can find a competitive market growing up, Appcenter helps us to build a space to release our applications tests, watch reports and figure out a decision if our application has a positive or negative behavior.