Test Automation

What to automate?

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Most of software tests could be automated, however, there is a set of selection criteria that includes the automation profitability, this helps to determine the convenience of executing the tests manual or automated.

  • Functional Tests.

  • Regression Tests.

  • Data Generation.

Value Proposal

Safe time and money

When you should perform repetitive or regressive tests, or to test environments with minor application changes.


Depth tests, number of cases to be tested, multiple configurations, hundreds of executions of complex cases.

Error Detection Capacity

Multiple cases tests.


Same automated tests in different projects.


Always the same tests over the same cases.

Enrich the test team

Test engineers could invest more time in knowledge activities about testing.


An automated process needs an incremental coverage strategy

Each incremental step is supported by functionalities selection phase; this selection process is based on a variety of criterium such as manual cost, validity, effectiveness, criticality among others.

It must be considered that the test automation process goes synchronized with a functional process, where a set of formal test cases and the automated flow is specified.

Pruebas de Software Calidad de Software GreenSQA


We used a huge set of tools, depending on Client infrastructure and the features of the applications to test.

GreenSQA developed two tools AiMaps for Windows®,  AiMaps for Android® y Twango®, these tools used the CAT (Codeless Automated Testing) model, allowing the script generation without the necessity of coding, increasing the implementation and maintenance times.

Example of a Test Running in IMaps Tool

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