Our CEO participated in the meeting with businessmen held by the President of Guatemala.

Photo: Leonel Jiménez

The President of Guatemala, Jimmy Morales, was visiting Bogotá city, where he met with businessmen from different sectors and his Colombian counterpart, Juan Manuel Santos.

This meeting with Colombian businessmen took place, last Friday February 23th, among whom was our CEO Liliana Gómez Arenas, who had the opportunity to share a lunch at the Casa de Nariño. The agenda included topics such as: the interest to explore new opportunities in trade and investment, as well as to continue deepening the Free Trade Agreement with the Northern Triangle (Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador). This space of formal conversation, with different influential people and representative of the different sectors allowed to know the different proposals and initiatives that allow the continuity of the strategic alliance with Colombia, not only because we are one of the strongest economies of Latin America, but because Colombia is the third most important South American country exporting to Guatemala, becoming the third country with more foreign investment of Central America.


Photo: Leonel Jiménez

Each of the entrepreneurs and representatives of the different sectors had the opportunity to talk about their industry and at the same time know and share with the other guests, Our CEO highlighted her experience “I appreciate the opportunity to have shared for the first time with the Colombian presidency and with important businessmen, for example, I had the opportunity to talk with the president of the Aval Group, Luis Carlos Sarmiento, and with the entrepreneur of the year 2017, Germán Forero, president of PVC Gerfor SA company ” 

To our company is proud to have participated in this space and have the fortune of having been the only woman invited, and also representing the technology sector “for me it is rewarding and very beautiful to represent such an important sector and also contribute and be part of future changes that generate positive impacts to the development of the economy. “I enjoyed my first time at the Casa de Nariño! Added our CEO.