National and International Tourism Retail Business Case

Early detection of failures in the processes of buying trips, car rentals and hotels. Emulation of undecided users to ensure integration of backend applications. Automatic and comparative analysis of quality attributes versus the Retail market in tourism.

Sector information

The impact of digitization and the firm steps in the use of technology that have been achieved after the pandemic in a sector such as tourism have been positive and capable of adapting to the challenges presented by the current economic, geopolitical and social situation. After this impact, people were forced to turn to the online world to acquire the different goods and services that they used to enjoy in person. This new reality made electronic commerce take much more force in the daily life of Colombians.

Not being a secret, this figure will continue to increase globally, because thanks to this acceleration, the way businesses communicate with their users has changed! Adding new behaviors, including new ways of thinking. All these continuous and firm steps have also led to the evolution of customer service and not only in the way in which the product is sold but also in the purchase process, and today buyers are much more informed and require quickly answers; for which businesses with digital channels must prepare to be more timely, agile and base their decisions on data because in the end “The consumer will choose the channel that best meets their needs”.

In this context, companies must evaluate how to optimize their digital channels trying to obtain maximum satisfaction from the final consumer, the ability to be close to the client and interact with him on different platforms, allowing him to buy when and where he wants and, with all this, strengthen your loyalty.

Technology continues to be the key to development and innovation in different fields and sectors. The need to resort to it has increased as a result of the pandemic that we continue to experience, which is why its role has experienced exponential growth. Given this scenario, technology has been the key to development and innovation, causing more and more companies to realize the importance of investing in technological development and implementing digital solutions.

If we add to this that the most disruptive companies that have entered with force in different sectors are completely technological and that more than half of the retailers invoice less than 25% of their sales in this channel, it is evident the place that the Digitization in the agendas of managers of companies in the Retail sector.

Given its complexity, the process of transformation or adaptation by all the players in the sector requires strategic reflection and an action plan that allows clients to:

Once this panorama has been analyzed, companies in the Tourism Retail sector, whose digital channels generate more than:

They have the adequate operation, performance and availability to generate trust in their customers and therefore ensure sales from their digital channels.

From a technology perspective, this infers that these companies were searching for a solution that would allow them to permanently monitor the operation of their digital channels, validate and consolidate information on failures and exceptions, having timely information on each situation to offer. a rapid response in the correction of failures and likewise have indicators of functionality, performance and availability of the actions of its channels.

In this search for a solution that integrates all your needs and also allows you to overcome the different challenges in the control and monitoring of sales goals, the high operational load of the support team and the timely availability of information for management. All this, from the same reliable source of information and agility in the interpretation of results.

What are the main challenges?

How is the solution applied?

In this context, disruptive technologies became allies of those companies that chose to go one step ahead and offer their customers the best user experience, not only through the incorporation of new digital channels, but also by giving them the opportunity to solve your needs.

“The key to a good service is in the user experience; because clients value having a service that is working 24/7, a service that puts itself in their shoes and makes them feel valued”.

Gustavo ValenciaDirector Comercial de GreenSQA

For this reason, at GREENSQA we have been working on a disruptive and innovative service “CBM – Continuous Business Monitoring” that allows the following activities to be carried out in the process of the digital E-commerce channel of Retail Tourism:

  • Automatic Monitor

    An automatic monitor to monitor the search process for national and international tickets with the number of times per hour defined by the business

  • Failure detection and reporting rules

    Configuration with rules for detection and failure reporting at areas in charge of correction.

  • Dashboard of details and evidence

    Access to a dashboard to consult details and evidence of failures, as well as the visualization of functionality, performance and availability management indicators of critical transactions.

This implementation is generalizable and is then applied to any operator that sells in Retail, which allows us to configure and deploy this service very quickly and efficiently. With only six steps, your company will be able to count on a service that will guarantee an incognito robot that will act as the end user, and will be working on your digital channel in defined time ranges, in order to alert, measure speed, validate the purchase of flights, availability of dates, ease of payment, adding elements, such as luggage and finally ensuring a quality experience for the real user who arrives.

Benefits of CBM for the Retail-Tourism Sector

With the implementation of our CBM solution, the Tourism Retail sector manages to secure its digital channel, in such a way that it guarantees smooth, fast, coherent and satisfactory operation from the point of view of the end user. The measured traces and generated alerts are accessible at any time. On the other hand, the continuous monitoring of critical processes in the management of digital channels allows the sector to obtain better results in key indicators such as:

  • Increase in the availability of the digital channel:

    When it is detected that in a period of time the speed of the channel is below a user satisfaction limit, then an alert is generated.

  • Early detection and correction of digital channel errors:

    The errors found are documented and ready for the engineering team to apply the necessary corrective measures. The stages of the process that fail the most are detected, along with performance.

  • Segmentation of the digital channel process to improve integrations with external providers:

    A digital channel process can be segmented into small parts, which makes it possible to focus and identify which technology providers are behind that sub-process. A failure that is detected there is directly associated with a provider and is documented with facts and data that are become opportunities for improvement
    both parties.

  • Increase in sales:

    By making the channels more usable and faster, which will have a positive impact on the financial side of tour operators.

  • Validation of well-configured promotional packages:

    A promotional package of those that appear on the cover of the digital channel must be accessible, that is to say that once the end user clicks, this package must appear and must really be the one that the user chose, that is to say, when clicking on the package, the detail (destination, dates, etc.) that appears is as expected.

One of the most relevant parts of eCommerce is making payments and transactions through digital channels. have safe options
thought of the comfort of the users and the great capacity to process the operations of users who every day add massively to make online purchases, is the challenge that we assume to achieve optimal performance and generate trust since online sales generated

Gustavo Valencia
Commercial Director

Service Summary

Identifying shortcomings in a timely manner helps to make decisions on time that have a positive impact on the results.

  • Non-intrusive solution for surveillance of digital channels
  • Safe
  • Cloud-based
  • Real time monitoring
  • Measurement and dashboards
  • Automated
  • Agile
  • Facilitates access to valuable information at different levels (connection, availability, integration).
  • Easy to interpret to optimize the quality of the experience that users are having through their digital channels.
  • Endorsed by GREENSQA.


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