Knowledge Suites

We provide Quality Assurance (QA) solutions packaged by business which are designed to meet the specific needs of a sector or industry/technology.

For example, a QA Solution packaged by business or Knowledge Suite for the financial sector could include tools for security testing, performance testing, and regulatory compliance testing. These tools would be designed to help financial companies ensure their systems and applications are secure, reliable, and compliant with regulations.

In the Colombian context, Knowledge Suites by business can be especially useful for companies that operate in regulated sectors, such as finance, health or energy. These companies need to meet a number of regulatory requirements, and our packaged QA solutions can help them ensure their systems and applications meet those requirements.

Las Suites de Conocimiento se construyen a la medida del cliente, se vuelven únicas para su sector y exclusivas para el propio cliente

Advantages of Knowledge Suites

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  • Cost reduction

    Packaged QA Solutions are often more cost-effective than custom solutions. This is because companies do not have to invest in developing their own tools and processes.

  • Time saving

    Packaged QA Solutions are ready to use, allowing companies to save time developing their QA programs.

  • Quality improvement

    QA Packaged Solutions are typically designed by QA experts, ensuring that they are effective in finding errors and defects.

By Sectors

Some sectors we have worked with are:


Industry Sector


Insurance Sector


Health sector


Financial sector


Other Sectors
(Telco, Tourism, Retail)


Energy and Services Sector


Government Sector

Sector Knowledge Suites are designed to meet the specific needs of a specific sector.

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By Technology

These are some management systems to which we perform Quality Assurance:

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Software system that integrates the main functions of a business, such as accounting, finance, sales, production and operations.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

A CRM system is used to manage your customer relationships as well as collect data about customers such as their preferences, transaction history, and needs.

CORE BANK (Central Banking System)

Software that provides the basic services of a bank, such as opening accounts, managing loans, and completing transactions.

PLM (Product Lifecycle Management)

It helps manage the life cycle of a product, from conception to withdrawal from the market.

POS (Point of Sale)

Point of sale software, and other devices used to process customer payments in a store, cashier, restaurant or other establishment.

SCM (Supply Chain Management)

System to manage the supply chain, including planning, monitoring and optimizing supply and distribution processes.

E-commerce Platform

E-commerce platforms that allow companies to sell products and services online.

HCM (Human Capital Management)

Focused on human resources management, including payroll, talent management and employee development.

WMS (Warehouse Management System)

It helps in warehouse management and logistics operations such as inventory management and distribution.

MES (Manufacturing Execution System)

Used in the management of production and manufacturing operations.

DMS (Document Management System)

Systems that help in the management of business documents and records.

BI (Business Intelligence)

Tools and systems that help collect, analyze and visualize business data for decision making.

HRIS (Human Resources Information System)

Specific software solutions for human resources management, including payroll management, benefits administration and tracking the performance of a company’s employees.

PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)

Used in industrial automation and machinery control. To automate processes such as controlling factory machinery in assembly lines or other production processes.

CAD (Computer-Aided Design)

Software tools focused on computer-aided design, used in product engineering and design.

PMS (Property Management System)

Software used in property management, property administration (real estate) and hotels.

Legal Case Management Software

For managing legal cases and records in law firms and legal departments.

Project Management Software

Tools used for planning, monitoring and managing projects, cover aspects such as project planning, budget management and control, and resource allocation.

Healthcare Information Systems

En el sector de la salud, se utilizan sistemas como el HIS (Hospital Information System) y el EHR (Electronic Health Record) para la gestión de información clínica y administrativa

Learning Management System (LMS)

A learning management system is software used to manage, distribute and control the training (or online education) activities of an organization.

Knowledge Suites by Technology (Software Systems) are essential to guarantee the functioning of the management software used in each industry.

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