Game Testing

Quality control is the most critical part of the game development process. It is essential to ensure that the game is as bug-free as possible before (and even after) it is released to the market and thus meet the high standards of end users.

The video game industry is currently very sophisticated and players demand perfect sound, visual and technical quality at all times. Provide them with the UX they want and also generate new commercial value. It is a task that cannot be last!

Thinking about this scenario, we understand the need to address the quality assurance of video games from different perspectives and in a timely manner; for this we design a service that takes all our years of experience in software quality assurance and scale it to ensure video games, using tools and strategies that guarantee the opportunity and quality before the end users.

We have the best software quality tools and Game Testing to help you the quality of your video game.

Characteristics of Game Testing

Code Inspection

It is done to ensure good practices and maintainability

Designing and Running Unit Tests

Execution of game components logic. Unitary verification of the logic of the game elements.

Design and execution of Integration tests

Verifying game component integrations with Database and Web Services

Performance test

Verification of asset performance towards the user, and use of hardware and servers.

User Interface Test

Runtime interaction with game elements automatically and with Crowd methodology

Game Testing must be part of game development, as this process is vital in controlling the quality of video games. The main function of Game Testing is to discover software defects before the game is marketed.

Take your user experience to the next level!

What can you achieve?

Games are all about the player experience. With a good user experience, your game will always be at a better level.

  • We are aware of all market trends, and within our culture of innovation we provide our clients with the best solutions.
  • We use advanced game testing methodologies that aid in the early detection of defects in the game testing cycle.
  • You will be able to increase the ratings of your video game and reduce the download abandonment rate, generate great acceptance of your games and excellent reviews.
  • Reduce delivery time, save on costs and get a quality gaming application that satisfies your players and contributes to brand positioning.

The current Game Testing procedures fall on the members of the development team themselves, or on the end users. This represents a burden of work and reprocessing, since it requires qualified support to guarantee the quality of the product.

Benefits of Game Testing

  • Reduce costs and risks

  • A better end-user experience in performance and functionality.

  • We support the maturity of the process

  • Improve time to market

  • Get faster responses:

    Shift left testing

  • High quality

Players are more likely to review a game within the first hour of release. Delivering a final product with errors will generate criticism from players as their experience will not be good, which can lead to a significant reduction in unit sales, bad reputation and dissatisfaction. The first impression is essential in this industry

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