Continuous Non-Functional Testing of Software

They evaluate non-functional characteristics such as performance, scalability, security, compatibility, usability, etc. They are performed continuously throughout the software life cycle to ensure software quality.

By continually testing, remediation time and costs are reduced as problems are detected and fixed early in the development process.

Types of Continuous Non-Functional Tests

These are some of the most common types of continuous non-functional testing, but may include others depending on the specific needs and requirements of a software project:

Test of performance

They evaluate the speed, scalability and capacity of the software.

Security Tests

They assess software resistance to attacks and vulnerabilities.

Usability Testing

They evaluate the ease of use and accessibility of the software.

Compatibility Tests

They evaluate how the software works on different platforms and environments.

Conformance Tests

They assess whether the software complies with relevant standards and regulations.

Reliability Tests

They evaluate the stability and consistency of the software in different situations.

Benefits of Continuous Non-Functional Testing

Continuous non-functional testing offers the following benefits:

  • Software quality improvement

    It allows you to detect and fix bugs and performance issues before they reach end users.

  • Greater confidence in the software

    Ongoing non-functional testing provides objective information about the characteristics and behavior of the software.

  • Delivery time improvement

    By detecting and correcting problems early, delay in delivery time is avoided.

  • Costs reduction

    By detecting and fixing bugs early, you avoid the cost of bug fixing later in the software life cycle.

  • Improved customer satisfaction

    By offering high-quality software, customer satisfaction is increased.

Continuous non-functional testing also helps ensure the reliability and integrity of software as it evolves and is deployed in production environments.

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