Case Studies Viamericas

A money transfer network that connects families with quality.

Viamericas one of our customers is committed to unite immigrant families globally by providing an efficient money transfer service where customers keep more of their earnings for their families, operating a 63.000 money transfer agents network distributed over 30 countries in The Americas & Caribbean, Western Europe, Asia and Oceania. The CEO’s vision consists in making money transfer costs up to 30% less than their competitors and offers some of the most competitive exchange rates in the industry in order to benefit immigrant families. To accomplish this, there are many challenges needed to be done gradually such as: enable self-customer service channels (i.e. mobile devices), increase efficiency by reducing operative costs and increase capacity to make more with the same players.

To be part of it, we, GREENSQA Microsoft Gold Partner, introduced mainly two aggressive software quality strategies:

Increase Quality in Money Transfer core business applications by reducing bugs and technical debts

Ensure a high stability of services running on mobile devices.

Today agile and automated testing services provided by GREENSQA allows test players to have more skills and capacity to work, more exploratory tests can be done by individuals because there is not nothing better than human to correlate, analyze, detect critical errors and increase quality coverage and innovation

At the end of 2018 our customer will save up to 1.5M USD represented in more than 87.000 hours of testing executed automatically every night by using static C# source code review with SonarQube, UI testing, integration testing, mobile automated testing and interoperable web services.

As a result, our customer can be more competitive in terms of exchange rates and families can have access to a quicker and safer service.

To make it happen, we leverage on reliability and leadership of Microsoft development technologies specifically Visual Studio Team Foundation Server with its extensible and open integration capabilities to third-party services such as SonarQube, GREENSQA AiMaps mobile and GREENSQA TWango API Testing generator.


To ensure the accomplishment of our quality strategies, we have combined and integrated various components with Visual Studio TFS on premise: Source control, Workitem Tracking, Continuous Integration, Mobile Testing, Unit Testing, Static Analysis, Continuous integration, continuous delivery.

All of them are being used on three different fronts of work:

Pruebas de Software Calidad de Software GreenSQA
  • Static analysis and code metrics:

    By Adding SonarQube to continuous integration builds of Core Money Transfer applications and by defining a baseline of technical debts; developers can work to take down the debt. By doing this integration we can minimize code complexity and deliver new value rapidly, reducing time to market. This process runs whenever developers deliver code into the development branch

  • Web Services Integrations

    A standard MTM laboratory to run black box tests for checking exposed web services to guarantee interoperability between many worldwide money transfer agents and web front-end tier architecture. Those tests are executed every night automatically by a build controller and a build agent, the source code of the API test is assisted by using GREENSQA Twang0

  • Mobile Applications

    We created a continuous integration process for running automatic tests controlled by GREENSQA AiMaps and TFS build agents, pointing to a private grid of real mobile devices due to the risk of using emulators, which allows us to run automatic system and regression tests to assert the correct operations of money transfers services through a mobile application.

  • Continuous Integration

    For each change on the development branch source code, an automatic process builds the source code and runs developers unit tests and calculates and evaluates quality gates due Sonar Qube techningal debt checking.

  • Continuous Delivery

    Once the development branch is checked, It will be merged into QA branch and a second build and package is tested at API and UI levels and the artifacts will be built and ready to be delivered into production.

  • Frequent Deployment

    The previous process built a deployable artifact, a human intervention into VSTS RM process is demanded to give secret key values and secret parameter to automatically install and configure artifact into production environment.

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